hawaii travel package deals

Hawaii Travel Package Deals

One of the best islands with hawaii package deals is Oahu. The main hawaiian island includes famous places like Waikiki. Try Orbitz's Hawaii travel package deals. For specials to the main island, Orbitz has Oahu hawaii travel package deals.

You might also want to see Expedia's Hawaii travel package deals. Expedia has a huge selection of airfares, hotel reservations, and car rentals.

For a limited time take $75 off any Travelosity Last Minute Deal by entering LASTMIUTE75 into the promotional code field on the billing page during check out. They see what Hawaiian vacations they have. Also Travelocity has Hawaii on sale Fly Delta From $403 Round-Trip. For people traveling from Atlanta to Hawaii this is a great deal!

Inter-island flights are fast and easy. All our represented travel vendors provide reservations on airlines that will get you between the islands. These inter-island transfers can be purchased with your hawaii vaction packages. Also there are hawaii group packages that will save you a lot of money.

Hawaiian Islands: Which one?

The Hawaiian islands were formed by volcanos. Sometimes two or more volcanos form a single island. Some islands are quite old, like Kuaii. Older Islands have more greenery and better developed plants. Other islands like the the Big Island of Hawaii are still being formed by the eruption of active volcanos. Kilauea on the Big Island has been erupting since 1983. It's facinating to see the fresh lava and imagine how it will be overgrown in 1000 years.

Be aware that regardless of which island you visit, the weather and foliage can vary widely on the same island at the same time. These are called micro-climates.

We recommend visiting several islands if your time allows. We generally visit three islands on a visit. In the past we've really enjoyed the Big Island (Hawaii), Kauai, and Maui.

The Big Island has the widest variety of sights. It snows occationally on the highest peaks. At the same time, the temperatures elsewhere are quite nice. There is excellent snorkling on the south side of the island. Several scuba operations offer day trips. Diving near running lava is no longer allowed due to the danger of a large shelf breaking off.

Kauai is quite beautiful and romantic. It has the Waiamea Canyon and numerous waterfalls. The Waiamea Canyon is so lovely, every picture looks like the tropical paradise it is. This island is also the location of the highest annual rainfall on earth. Don't worry though, the rain only falls in a limited area of the island. Other areas can be quite dry.

Maui is also a lovely island. The scuba diving and snorkling are quite good. The restaurants and shopping are also good. For many years this was our favorite island.

If you prefer to golf while visiting Molakaii is very undeveloped except for its famous golf course. We're told that this is what the islands used to look like before developers took over. Town when we visited was quite plain. Still with a small number of visitors, the island is quiet with few distractions.

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